SEC 591 Week 4 and 7 Course Project


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SEC 591 Course Project

SEC 591 Course Project Week 4, Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

The sole purpose that BIA serves is to prioritize and identify system components. This is through correlating the system components to the business process that the system is able to support, and after obtaining such information. It tries to draw the impact that would happen if such systems were to lack(Johri, 2010). Omega problem is that it has not been able to restore their back up data. It also lacks a comprehensive plan, which would help it in improving its future recovery posture. Through the BIA, I will be able to point out the system functions and networks that would likely to…………continued

SEC 591 Course Project Week 7, Omega Research Inc, Information System Contingency Plan

Omega Research Inc. is a fast growing consulting and research firm. The firm has their main offices situated in Reston, as well as three our branches in Kansas City, San Diego and CA. The firm is currently not ….in business to business related relationships. Only recently, Omega Research Inc. ….a huge loss of important data that had been in storage within an Oracle Database. The oracle database was located in the firm’s main offices in Reston. The lost data was unrecoverable, whereas the data’s backups had not been regularly maintained; therefore there was no way of recovering the lost information…….continuedsec 591 course project