NSG 6430 Week 3 Knowledge Check


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NSG 6430 Week 3 Knowledge Check

  1. The nurse practitioner is prescribing a depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) injection for a patient. This medication is given at _______ week intervals.
  2. When comparing COCs to the contraceptive patch and vaginal ring, which of the following statements by the nurse practitioner is correct?
  3. Although barrier contraception methods are less effective in preventing pregnancy than more modern methods, the nurse practitioner understands that interest in barrier methods is on the rise because they:
  4. The nurse practitioner is discussing contraceptive efficacy with a patient. This term refers to:
  5. A patient is being …..about emergency contraceptive methods. All of the following methods may be ….for emergency contraception except:

NSG 6430 Week 3 Quiz