NSG 6430 Week 9 Knowledge Check 2


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NSG 6430 Week 9 Knowledge Check South University

  1. The nurse practitioner is counseling a patient about midlife health issues in women and informs the patient that the number one cause of mortality in the United States is
  2. The nurse practitioner understands that an age-related anatomic change that can lead to urinary
  3. Pelvic muscle contraction that is strategically …. to increase intraurethral pressure just before and after the event that causes urinary incontinence?
  4. The nurse practitioner is evaluating a patient for pyelonephritis and understands it is distinguish from cystitis in that: 
  5. The nurse practitioner is reviewing antibiotic treatment guidelines for uncomplicated lower UTIs. And the latest recommendations include which of the following?

NSG 6430 Week 9