NSG 6430 Week 1 Knowledge Check


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NSG 6430 Week 1 Knowledge Check

  1. The nurse practitioner student is preparing for an upcoming exam and understands that the Tanner Scale includes ____ stages of sexual maturity
  2. What approach does Health People 2020 use to achieve its goals and objectives?
  3. The nurse practitioner is performing a speculum exam on a 42 year-old female patient. Which reproductive anatomy should be assessed during the speculum exam? Select all that apply.
  4. The nurse practitioner is interviewing a new patient to the practice. Which of the following should not be a part of taking a health history?
  5. The nurse practitioner is reviewing the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations. What does a service grade of D represent?

NSG 6430 Week 1 Quiz