NSG 6430 Week 6 Knowledge Check


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NSG 6430 Week 6 Knowledge Check

  1. Lichen sclerosis is a benign, chronic, progressive disease of the skin in which the most common symptom …..by the patient is:
  2. The nurse practitioner educates a patient recently diagnosed with a functional ovarian cyst that it will resolve within:
  3. A patient presents with intense pelvic pain that is less than three months’ duration. The correct term for this type of pain is:
  4. The nurse practitioner student was ….to use the mnemonic “OLD CAARTS” when performing a pain history on a  patient. What does the “S” stand for?
  5. Janice is being evaluate due to her complaint of chronic pelvic pain. The nurse practitioner informs her that one of the most common gynecological-related causes of chronic pelvic pain is:

NSG 6430 Week 6