NR 500 Foundational Concepts and Application – Entire Course


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NR 500 Week 1 Discussion Topic, The Value of a Master’s – Prepared Nurse (Two Versions)

NR 500 Week 2 Assignment, Artistic Expression – Caring Concept
NR500 Week 2 Discussion Topic, Caring Concepts in Nursing

NR500 Week 3 Assignment, Addressing Bias in Nursing (Two Versions)
NR_500 Week 3 Discussion Topic, Knowing Self (Three Versions)

NR500 Week 4 Discussion Topic, Leadership – Establishing Relationships and Influencing Change (Two Versions)

NR_500 Week 5 Assignment, Area of Interest Presentation (Childhood Obesity)

NR500 Week 5 Assignment, Area of Interest Presentation (Evidence Based Practice)
NR500 Week 5 Assignment, Area of Interest Presentation (Prevention of Childhood Bullying)
NR_500 Week 5 Discussion Topic, Evidence-Based Practice

NR500 Week 6 Assignment, Complete Second Life Scavenger Hunt (Two Versions)
NR_500 Week 6 Discussion Topic, Systems – Structure and Function (Two Versions)

NR500 Week 7 Assignment, Cultivating Healthful Environments (Two Versions)
NR_500 Week 7 Discussion Topic, Healthful Environments (Two Versions)

NR-500 Week 8 Discussion Topic, What Did You Learnnr 500 entire course