NR 439 Evidence-Based Practice Week 1 to 8 Assignment, Discussion


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NR 439 Week 1 Discussion Question, Role of Research and the Importance of the Searchable Clinical Question

NR439 Week 2 Discussion Question, Search for Literature and Levels of Evidence

NR_439 Week 3 Assignment, PICOT Evidence Worksheet 1 (Use of Alarm System in Elderly Population)

NR439 Week 3 Assignment, PICOT Evidence Worksheet 2 (Infants diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome)
NR439 Week 3 Discussion Question: Research Problems, Designs, and Sample

NR_439 Week 4 Discussion Question, Ethical and Legal Issues

NR 439 Week 5 Reading Research Literature
NR439 Week 5 Discussion Question, Data Collection and Measurement

NR439 Week 6 Assignment: Research Article Critique Paper 1 (Shortage of Nursing Workforce)

NR439 Week 6 Assignment, Research Article Critique Paper 2 (Teamwork and Collaboration for Oncology Nursing)

NR 439 Week 6 Research Article Critique Paper 3 (Types of Photographic Art Preferred by Cancer Patients)

NR_439 Week 6 Discussion Question: Data Results and Analysis

NR439 Week 7 Discussion Question: Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice

NR439 Week 8 Discussion Question: Where Do You Go From Herenr 439 entire course