NR 360 Information Systems in Healthcare, Assignment, Unit 1 to 8


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NR 360 Unit 1

Discussion Question, What Is Nursing Informatics

NR.360 Unit 2

Assignment: Team Charter

Discussion Question, Database Search

NR360 Unit 3

Discussion Question 1, Meaningful Use and Its Implications on Healthcare

Discussion Question 2, Healthcare Technology Local National & Global Considerations
Assignment (RUA), Technology Presentation: Cloud Technology in Healthcare
RUA Assignment, Technology Presentation: We Can But Dare We ?

NR360 Unit 4

Discussion Question 1, Patient safety and communication

Discussion Question 2, Patient Safety and Confidentiality

NR360 Unit 5

Discussion Question 1, Interacting With Information Systems

Discussion Question 2, From Data to Knowledge and Wisdom

NR-360 Unit 6

Discussion Question 2, Informatics and the Development of Standards

NR360 Unit 7

Discussion Question 2, Technology Benefits and Future Trends

NR360 Unit 8

Assignment (RUA), Electronic Health Records Presentation (Yellow Team)

RUA Assignment, Simulators and Manikins (Blue Team)
RUA Assignment, Telehealth Group Project (Green Team)
Discussion Question, Critique a Team Presentation