NR 391 Transcultural Nursing, Assignment, Discussion Week 1 to 8


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NR 391 Week 1 Discussion Question: Models of Transcultural Nursing

NR391 Week 2 Discussion Question: Transcultural Nursing Skills Self-Assessment

NR391 Week 3 Course Project: Milestone 1 – Interviewee Profile Form
NR_391 Week 3 Discussion Question: Healthcare Needs of a Specific Minority Group

NR391 Week 4 Course Project: Milestone 2 – Interview Guide & Questions Form
NR_391 Week 4 Discussion Question: Common Illnesses and the Use of CAM Therapies

NR391 Week 5 Course Project: Milestone 3 – The Interview
NR 391 Week 5 Discussion Question: Transcultural Perspectives Across Lifespan

NR_391 Week 6 Discussion Question: Standards of Practice

NR391 Week 7 Discussion Question: Workforce Diversity

NR391 Week 8 Reflection: Professional Insightnr 391 entire course

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