NR 228 Nutrition, Health and Wellness Week 1 to 8


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NR 228 Week 1

Discussion Question, Digestive System
Exam 1 (Practice Quizlet)
Study Guide, Chapters 1 and 2

NR-228 Week 2

Nutritional Assessment (RUA) Presentation: Team Charter
Study Guide, Chapters 4, 7 and 8
Discussion Question: Carbs, Culture, and Diabetes

NR228 Week 3

Exam 1, Review Document

Discussion Question, Diet and Lab Values

NR228 Week 4

Discussion Question, Bone Health

NR228 Week 5

Nutritional Assessment, Speaker Outline
RUA Nutritional Assessment (Team Project): Final PowerPoint Presentation
Discussion Question, Case Study Discussion

NR228 Week 6

Discussion Question, Case Studies

NR-228 Week 7

Discussion Question, Supplementing Your Diet

NR-228 Week 8

Discussion Question, Team presentation