HSM 320 Week 5 Final Paper (03), Discussion Questions


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HSM 320 Week 5 Final Paper, Nuclear Attack in San Francisco

HSM320 Week 5 Final Paper, Chemical Attack on the Super Bowl

HSM 320 Week 5 Final paper, Dirty Bomb in Mall of America on Black Friday


HSM 320 Week 5 Discussion 1, DNA Identification after Mass Disasters

What are some of the benefits and limitations of using DNA to identify victims of mass causalities?  Is a shift toward DNA based identifications a good idea?  When answering take into account available resources, types of attacks, evidence collection and preservation, etc.

HSM 320 Week 5 Discussion 2, First Responder Concern and Preservation of Evidence

After viewing the video South Tower Falls, Shot Front of Trinity Church, describe your concerns as a first responder.  (For the purpose of your response assume that you do NOT know whether this is a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or simple explosive attack.)  Explain how as a first responder you will identify and preserve potential evidence.  Support your analysis with appropriate references.hsm 320 week 5