HSM 320 Week 3 and 5 Assignment, Chemical Attack on Super Bowl


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HSM 320 Week 3 Assignment, Recovery Plan Prep Outline (Chemical Attack on the Bowl)

  • Introduction
  • Effects of Chemical Agent
  • Local, State and federal Government Agencies
  • Communication
  • Conclusion
  • References

HSM 320 Week 5 Final Paper, Chemical Attack on the Super Bowl

Imagine it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Thousands of people have flown into New Orleans and have …..at the stadium for the big game. While the Superdome in Louisiana is ….with 72,000 people, there are millions of people who are watching the game from home. During the football match, a chemical attack occurs, and everyone is panicking. How does a person or emergency response team contain the thousands of people inside the stadium to prevent any more damage than what has already been done? You have the advantage of knowing that the chemical is contained within the stadium, but you think to yourself how long will it be contained for. You still have no idea how much hydrogen cyanide was ….

This type of emergency would call upon the local, state and even federal agencies to assist with the problem. This kind of problem would rely on the coordination of organizations and the communication between them……………Continued (12 Pages with References)hsm 320 week 3 and 5