HSM 320 Week 4 Assignment, Decontamination Plan, Discussion


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HSM 320 Week 4 Assignment, Decontamination Plan for Military Base and Fire Station

In Virginia Beach, Virginia there are several military bases, one that could be targeted by terrorist would be the NAS Oceana Military base that has opened its gates to the public for the annual Blue Angels Air show. The second place for attack would be the local fire station that is less than a mile from the base that responds to all 911 calls within the area. This paper will analyze the process of decontamination in a chemical attack. These places are likely to be targeted because they contribute a great factor to the community in Virginia Beach, NAS Oceana base holds annual Blue Angels Air show that opens their base up to the public for the annual event. ………….Continued (06 Pages with References) 

HSM 320 Week 4 Assignment, Decontamination Plan for Schools and Water Resource Facility

Terrorism, an act of violence with one sole intention is to create panic and terror among the mass mainly to harm the political aims of the government (Bruce, 2013). Terrorism is present everywhere possessing a continuous threat to the world. Terrorists target those areas which attracts a large number of people. Like schools, army or navy or marine bases, sports stadiums, offices, malls and many other places (Combs, 2017). The focus is the possibility of terrorist attacks in high school and water resource facility with the possible decontamination plan that could be conducted in case of a chemical attack………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

HSM 320 Week 4 Discussion 1, Decontamination

In a minimum of 250-300 words, describe the four stages of decontamination and their importance in the decontamination process. Explain at least two initial decontamination considerations, and why and when these considerations are important.

HSM 320 Week 4 Discussion 2, Respiratory Protection

If your last name begins with R-Z, answer this question). Explain a Class Four ensemble. Include levels of protection, functionality, and limitations. Identify the proper respiratory protection for a Class Four ensemble, and explain how this particular device functions. Provide a unique example of when a first responder would utilize a Class Four ensemble.hsm 320 week 4

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