HSM 320 Week 3 Assignment, Recovery Plan Prep, Discussion


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HSM 320 Week 3 Assignment 1, Recovery Plan Prep Outline (Chemical Attack on the Bowl)

HSM 320 Week 3 Assignment 2, Recovery PLan Preparation Outline – Dirty Bomb in Mall of America on Black Friday

HSM320 Week 3 Assignment 3, Recovery Plan Preparation Outline – Nuclear Attack in San Francisco


HSM 320 Week 3 Discussion 1, Explosives

Explain at least two critical safety steps and two challenges faced by first responders following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. As a first responder to an act of terrorism involving explosives, explain how you would approach the incident and concerns you would likely have.

HSM 320 Week 3 Discussion 2, Chemical and Biological Agents and Radiation

Describe the effects of one chemical, biological, and radiological agent; include the proper decontamination and treatment methods for each.

Explain one dispersal device/delivery method for each selected chemical, biological, and radiological agent. As a first responder, explain how you should treat a victim suffering from the selected chemical, biological, and radiological agent. Include at least one challenge to treating each type of victimhsm 320 week 3