HSM 320 Week 3 and 5 Assignment, Dirty Bomb in Mall of America


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HSM 320 Week 3 Assignment, Recovery Plan Outline (Dirty Bomb in Mall of America on Black Friday

  • Introduction
  • Situation Specifics
  • Local State and Federal Agencies
  • Communication
  • References

HSM 320 Week 5 Final Paper, Dirty Bomb in Mall of America on Black Friday

Emergency management comprises of four major components. These are prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Although significant progress ….in the creation and sustaining of the US preparedness to disaster, a large part of radiological incidents still poses a threat and challenge to the recovery of the society.

Recovery demands that there is timely restoration, revitalization and strengthening of infrastructure, implementing the long term housing solutions, sustaining the economy, and strengthening the environmental, historic, cultural, social and the health fabrics of the communities affected by the incident. There are well-laid out principles that should be followed for emergency preparedness. However, long-term planning would be required for the case of terrorism attacks………Continued (13 Pages with References)hsm 320 week 3 and 5