HRM 531 Week 2 Assignment, Change Management Plan


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HRM 531 Week 2 Assignment, Change Management Plan

A few recent changes in Visalus Sciences are that the company is currently facing a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that company aggressively recruited people into their multi-level marketing side of the business so that they could lay off a lot of their local staff at their headquarters in Troy, Michigan. This change started to slowly take place ever since 2012. Back then Visalus Sciences had over 600 million dollars in sales and over 60 million in profits annually. Unfortunately the company experienced a huge drop in sales. The next year their sales fell 44 percent, which results in 351 million in sales. Another recent change was, Cedrick Harris who was an Ambassador in company deciding to resign his position for undisclosed reasons. When Cedrick left, thousands of representatives also left Visalus Sciences with him……….

hrm 531 week 2 assignment