BUS 335 Quiz 1 & 2 Week 9 (60 out of 60 points)


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  1. Within the context of the selection process, the “logic of prediction” means that:
  2. The principal assumption behind the use of biodata is the axiom, __________.
  3. The issue of consistency of measurement with assessment methods is called __________.
  4. The strength of the relationship between a predictor and performance is called __________.
  5. One guideline for improving the effectiveness of initial interviews is to __________.
  6. If the correctness of a response is essential for a job, then a(n) __________ test should be
  7. Employers protect themselves in the initial stages of contact with job applicants through the use of __________.
  8. A statement that identifies the rights than an employer wishes to maintain for itself that often accompanies initial employment assessments is called a __________.
  9. Most initial assessment methods have __________ validity.
  10. One of the major disadvantages of using handwriting analysis as an assessment method is that it is __________.
  11. The most accurate description of the basic purpose of a selection plan is __________.
  12. Which of the following methods is the most valid predictor of performance?
  13. The problem with using __________ for hiring purposes is that only very poor applicants cannot obtain these, and the format is unstandardized.
  14. The most common person to be contacted in a reference check is the applicant’s __________.
  15. Research has indicated that job applicants generally have a __________ view of biodata
  16. The correlation between structured interviews and cognitive ability tests is __________.
  17. Interest inventories are designed to improve person job match by assessing applicant preferences for different types of Research suggests that these inventories __________.
  18. The best description of UGESP is that they are __________.
  19. This personality trait is associated with more creativity, effective leadership, and a lower commitment to one’s
  20. Drug tests are not common for many jobs because __________.
  21. Which of the following is a characteristic of a typical unstructured interview?
  22. The first step of the structured interview process is __________.
  23. The assessment method which involves the use of very realistic equipment and scenarios to simulate actual tasks of a job is called a(n) __________ test.
  24. The type of structured interview that assesses an applicant’s ability to project what his/her behavior would be in the future is the __________ interview.
  25. What are the most useful personality traits, in order, for selection contexts?
  26. __________ assessment methods are used to reduce the candidate pool to finalists for a
  27. Situational judgment tests __________.
  28. The biggest reason why cognitive ability tests are not more widely used is __________.
  29. Research studies have found __________ support for the validity of job knowledge tests?
  30. The process of administering tests that place applicants in hypothetical, job-related situations and asking them to choose a course of action among several alternatives is called __________.