REL 2300 Final Exam – Question and Answers


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REL 2300 Final Exam – 100 out of 100 University of South Florida

  1. Rene Descartes believed in
  2. The difference between the opinion of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud was
  3. Rules and regulations for governing ancient people’s lives is called
  4. The idea of priests and ministers is rooted in
  5. Islam in the world is
  6. The country with the largest Muslim population is
  7. The Trinity means
  8. Vedas means
  9. Jains who are “sky-clad” are
  10. The “way of the kami” in Japanese is
  11. The religion with “engrams” is
  12. The Jewish belief in God is known as
  13. The largest branch of Christianity is
  14. Buddha was born
  15. The Dao de jing was probably written during
    16. Nanak
    17. The Buddhist view of karma is
    18. Nonviolence is known as
    19. Dao can best be described as
    20. The religion stemming from a series of movies is
    21. Chapters in the Qur’an are called
    22. Augustine helped define
    23. Saying Hinduism is ecocentric means
    24. Confucius was
    25. The religion that believes Krishna is the supreme god is