SEC 340 Week 6 You Decide


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SEC 340 Week 6 You Decide (Sunshine Machines)


Business Continuity Plan is used to develop and confirm how an organization will recover and restore after an interruption has occurred and developed a time frame for the disruption. A business continuity plan will give Sunshine Machine Works the security they need to ensure the growth of their company. In this paper, the reader will get a quick understanding of what a business continuity plan contains and why it’s important for companies to have some form of a business continuity plan. The steps used in this paper will explain some of the requirements involved in a business continuity plan……….

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Disastrous Events
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Plan testing, training, and maintenance
  • Summary
  • References

SEC 340 Week 6sec 340 week 6 you decide