SEC 340 Week 3 Incident Response Plan Paper


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SEC 340 Week 3 Incident Response Plan Paper

This paper will give a brief explanation on what exactly is an incident response plan. This will also explain why organizations or companies should invest in an incident response plan before an unexpected threat happens. It touches briefly on all seven steps of an incident response plan. It describes how an organization or company can learn how to create a simple incident response plan. Each step give general information explaining what should be done, what is required and the different situations that can happen in each step. It gives examples of what can cause the use of an incident response plan and who makes up the incident response team. The paper highlights some of ………..

  • Identification of Trigger Events
  • Preparation
  • Detection and Analysis
  • Containment
  • Eradication
  • Recovery
  • Post incident Activity
  • References
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