MGT 460 Week 3 Assignment, Goal Setting Framework Paper 1


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MGT 460 Week 3 Assignment, Goal Setting Framework Paper 1

A company or organization that is not willing to change based upon the environment and the market, is a company that will soon be left in the weeds. Technology and the digital world we live in makes the industrial monuments of yesterday seem antiquated and far removed from the center of market-share. Today, organizations must be willing to be proactive and have goals in place that matches the heartbeat of the consumer. London & Mone (2012) states, “Goal setting can be formally defined as the process of establishing mutually agreed-to goals, strategies, tactics, and measures to provide direction for performance and development” (p. 3.4).

The next few paragraphs will identify three issues with the Los Angeles Tribune. It will explain in detail the strategy, tactics, activities, and the goal measurements. Those will determine the effectiveness of the proposed changes. The first issue that is plaguing the Los Angeles Tribune is the rising cost of paper…………Continued (09 Pages with References)

mgt 460 week 3 assignmentmgt 460 week 3 assignment