MGT 460 Week 5 Final, Leadership Challenge Resolution, Discussion


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MGT 460 Week 5 Final Paper, Leadership Challenge Resolution (Vodafone)

MGT460 Week 5 Final Paper, Leadership Challenge Resolution (Civil Engineering Firm)

MGT 460 Week 5 Final Paper, Leadership Challenge Resolution (BASS Master)

MGT460 Week 5 Final Paper, Leadership Challenge Resolution (Wells Fargo’s Ethical Challenge

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MGT 460 Week 5 Discussion 1, Leadership Organizing Change

As this week’s material points out, we are living in times of immense change. One of the essential tasks of an organization’s leadership is to lead organizations in a way that ensures that the entire organization is committed to the change and that support mechanisms are in place to sustain change. Research several online industries that are currently ……by changing marketplaces and demographics: the newspaper and publishing Industries, entertainment media outlets (e.g., Blockbuster Video), brick and mortar retail (e.g., Sears), and even campus bookstores.

1. Choose an organization within one of the industries …..above, or one of your own choosing that is currently … a changing marketplace.

2. How would you apply Kotter’s eights steps toward leading change within that organization?

3. Provide examples of the desired outcomes and support mechanisms you would utilize.

MGT 460 Week 5 Discussion 2, Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive work is accomplished by finding a solution to seemingly intractable problems facing leaders; the solution is neither technical, nor obvious. As the material illustrates, leaders must motivate organization members to face demanding situations that arise from the organization’s own culture and values. Using the organization you chose within this week’s first discussion, analyze an adaptive challenge facing this organization.

1. Describe the adaptive work that needs to be accomplished.

2. Analyze your approach to resolving the problem. Be certain to include questions that would arise, and what trade-offs may be required in your analysis.

3. Describe the desired outcome.mgt 460 week 5