MGT 460 Week 5 Paper, Leadership Challenge Resolution (BASS Master)


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MGT 460 Week 5 Paper, Leadership Challenge Resolution

The competitive spirit runs through most of the human race. Over the centuries, we have found different ways of fulfilling the competitive appetite. From who is the fastest, jump the highest, ride the fastest horse, or drive the fastest car, to who can catch the heaviest weight of largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass over a three-day period.

Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS), founder Ray Scott recognized the opportunity to combine bass fishing with the competitive edge back in 1967. From the first tournament, anglers were …..on the idea to compete for cash prizes in a sport that they love. As the popularity grew, more tournaments were …., larger fields of anglers were ….., thus the pressure on the fish increased. Over the next few pages, the ethical debate of tournament fishing pressure and the mortality rate of fish due to these tournaments will be examined. I will also examine how the leadership of BASS could take the next step. How they evolve tournament style bass fishing that would reduce mortality of the species of fish that they passionately pursue………….Continued (09 Pages with References)

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