MGT 460 Week 5 Final, Leadership Challenges Resolution (Engineering)


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MGT 460 Week 5 Final Paper

The organization that I am apart of is the 30 Civil Engineering Squadron, specifically Unaccompanied Housing Management. The mission statement is ‚ÄúProfessionals taking care of each other while delivering superior Civil Engineering services to our customers”. In Unaccompanied Housing Management, our primary mission is to provide the best possible quality of life for our single Airman living in the dormitories. The housing management team consists of two Airman Dorm Leaders and a Superintendent. They oversee nine buildings, 304 rooms, and 295 Airman. The primary stakeholders are the resident Airman, the First Sergeants, and the Command Chief Master Sergeant.

One significant challenge that leadership is facing with Unaccompanied Housing is the change in the military budget. At the beginning of the fiscal year, Unaccompanied Housing was slated to get an estimated $211K budget for supplies, repairs, and improvements. According to Joe Gould…………..Continued (09 Pages with References)

mgt 460 week 5 finalmgt 460 week 5 final paper