HSM 315 Week 5 Final Paper, Emergency Plan, Discussion Question


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HSM 315 Week 5 Final Paper, Emergency Plan (EOP)

  1. Introductory Material 
  2. Purpose, Scope, Situation Overview and Assumptions
  3. Concept of Operations (CONOPS) 
  4. Organization and Assessment of Responsibilities 
  5. Direction, Control, and Coordination
  6. Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination
  7. Communications
  8. Administration, Finance, and Logistics
  9.  Plan Development and Maintenance
  10. Authorities and References ……………………………………..(13 Pages with References)

HSM 315 Week 5 Discussion 1, Risk Communication

In the Video, Risk Communication, Sarb Johal explains people’s reasoning processes in high stress situations. This understanding is critical for the emergency planner while working risk communication and hazard adjustments.

Explain what risk communication is and how it is used to promote hazard adjustment. Lastly, discuss the importance of timing with regard to risk communication. Is it better to alert the public in advance of all risks or wait until events happen and then react to the event with more specific risk communications?………….(TWO RESPONSES)

HSM 315 Week 5 Discussion 2, Training and Preparedness Exercises

The key to fostering successful emergency plans is an extensive focus on training and exercises, which reinforce emergency preparedness for a host of potential disasters. Address the importance of training and exercises for senior leaders and organizations. Describe the three types of exercises emergency planners might develop to test Emergency Operations Plan protocols and equipment. Which type of exercise do you believe is most effective at assessing the preparedness of emergency response personnel and equipment? Which-type of exercise do you think is the most cost effective? Which exercise prepares the organization for actual events……….(TWO RESPONSES)hsm 315 week 5

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