HSM 315 Week 2 Assignment, Outline of Final Paper, Discussions


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HSM 315 Week 2 Assignment, Outline of Final Paper

1. Introduction

II. Body Paragraph 1: Emergency Operations Pan and Development Guide for Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

III. Body Paragraph 2:  Continuation of the planning process in Virginia Beach, VA. 

IV. Body Paragraph 3: The purpose of the plan and when it will be implemented 

V. Body Paragraph 4: Five annexes (Functional, Support, and Hazards)

VI. Conclusion


HSM 315 Week 2 Discussion 1, Protection in Place versus Evacuation

Emergency managers must always wrestle with the decision to evacuate populations or try to protect them in place. Another option is expedient respiratory protection. Each of these offer advantages and disadvantages for emergency planning and response purposes.

Describe two advantages and two disadvantages to choosing protection in place versus an evacuation. In your opinion, do you think it is better in most circumstances to protect in place or evacuate those in danger from natural disasters? What are some of the considerations in making this decision?                  (THREE RESPONSES)

HSM 315 Week 2 Discussion 2, Structuring Emergency Operations Plans

Chapter 3 of the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101states: “Causes of emergencies vary greatly, their potential effects do not.” With this in mind, What are the common characteristics between emergencies and what are common differences that must be addressed to provide an effective response? Explain why adopting emergency plans from other locations and planners is or is not a good practice?

Describe the potential pitfalls planners in a municipality or facility are likely to encounter by not engaging in their own emergency planning process.      (THREE RESPONSES)hsm 315 week 2

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