HSM 315 Emergency Planning Week 1 to 5 – Entire Course


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HSM 315 Week 1

Assignment, Role of the Emergency Planner

Discussion 1, Normal Decision Making versus Crisis Decision Making

Discussion 2, Planning Process

HSM 315 Week 2

Assignment, Outline of Final Paper

Discussion 1, Protection in Place versus Evacuation (Three Responses)

Discussion 2, Structuring Emergency Operations Plans (Three Responses)

HSM315 Week 3

Assignment, Case Study – Hurricane Katrina

Discussion 1, Emergency Operations Center

Discussion 2, Emergency Operations Plans

HSM315 Week 4

Discussion 1, Preparing the Populace (Two Responses)

Discussion 2, The Press, Friend or Foe? (Two Responses)

HSM315 Week 5

Final Paper, Emergency Plan (EOP)

Discussion 1, Risk Communication (Two Responses)

Discussion 2, Training and Preparedness Exercises (Two Responses)hsm 315 entire course

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