HSM 315 Week 3 Assignment, Case Study


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HSM 315 Week 3 Assignment, Case Study – Hurricane Katrina

The Emergency Alert System was not ….prior to hurricane Katrina, yet most of the people who could not evacuate remained in the most dangerous areas of the storm. While the local response team (firefighters, police officers & EMS) were prepared due to mandatory training, nothing prepared them for when the levees broke on 8/29/05 and water began consuming the town. Due to the flooding emergency responders could not get ground access to the residents, air lift support had to wait for the storm to pass before search and rescue could be …….. According to (Huder, 2012, p. 39) “The emergency manager’s job is to work quickly to restore critical infrastructure” however the recovery phase for hurricane Katrina was …………..Continued (07 Pages with References) 

HSM 315 Week 3 Discussion 1, Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) are the critical structure for emergency response. EOCs perform six functions in response to an emergency. Identify all six functions and explain two of the six functions. Then,  identify a challenge that might arise in staffing an EOC. Why do you think this challenge might occur?

HSM 315 Week 3 Discussion 2, Emergency Operations Plans

All emergency plans are different, but at the same time, all emergency plans are the same. Identify the key components of the basic plan and discuss how the local plan is ….to state and federal planning processes. Then, discuss the differences between the Functional Annexes,hsm 315 week 3

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