HRM 635 Week 3 Assignment, Interview


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HRM 635 Week 3 Assignment: The interview process is necessary to ensure that the company hires people who are capable of solving their needs, and accomplishing what is required of their post with efficacy. Through the interviewing process, a firm determines which of the potential candidates is most suited for the job opening. An interview is a means by which the compatibility of the company and a to-be worker is sought after (Ball & Ball, 2010). Besides, interviews are two-sided. As the employer seeks for suitable skills from the pool of aspirants. The latter also strive to prove their capabilities, and impress the hiring team, in a quest to land a job. Before the interviewing process commences, the interviewer prepares questions beforehand. These questions are the tools through which the interviewer gauges the interviewee’s capabilities. Through this, the two parties converse in an objective manner…….hrm 635 week 3 assignment