HRM 635 Week 7 Assignment, Employee Reward System


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HRM 635 Week 7 Assignment: The human capital which is the measure of employee economic value assists in building organizations and businesses. Employees, therefore, play a central role in the success of an organization through their input, performance, loyalty among other factors. Methods of improving employee experience in business are necessary since they exhibit the level of value of the employees. Moreover, when the employees are ……and rewarded for exceptional performance the organization gains in many ways. Neglecting basic worker rights either implicit or explicit is detrimental to the performance of an organization and its future success. On the other hand, understanding the value and the input brought by employees to a company is vital. Although, the common belief is that human resources department is the only arm responsible for employees in an organization. Other parties such as the managers and supervisors can help in identifying ways of compensating or rewarding employees……hrm 635 week 7 assignment