HRM 635 Discussion Question Topic 1 to 8


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HRM 635 Discussion Question 1 and 2 Topic 1

HRM 635 Topic 1 Discussion 1: Conduct research on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). What is its role and purpose as it relates to assistance it can give to human resource personnel members to help them effectively and efficiently complete their tasks and duties?

HRM 635 Topic 1 Discussion 2: Reflect on the status of human resource management in your current position or organization. What elements can you identify that provide a human resource management perspective that focuses on the employees within the organization? What elements can you identify that provide a more strategic human resource management focus on the whole of the organization? Describe, if possible, how your company accepts the HR department as a strategic partner.

HRM 635 Discussion Question 1 Topic 2, Online Recruitment Method

 As technology continues to advance, organizations are using social media and online platforms to seek and acquire eligible employees. What processes, procedures, and specific online websites are currently ……in your organization to seek and acquire potential employees from the online setting? As a potential employee, discuss the benefits and challenges that accompany social media or LinkedIn when seeking employment? What are drawbacks that an employer faces when using online websites to attract future applicants for positions and how can these drawbacks ……?

HRM635 Discussion Question 2 Topic 2, Reliability and Validity

 Discuss both reliability and validity in conjunction with employee selection. Why are both factors critical when considering which selection tools/criterion/predictors to employ in making hiring decisions? Lastly, critically evaluate both the reliability and the validity of your firm’s current selection process pertaining to one or more positions, including your current position.

HRM 635 Topic 3 Discussion 1, Interview Questions

Consider the position for which you are interviewing candidates and post one of your interview questions, including the job title. Discuss why you developed this question and what response you would expect a potential candidate to provide.

HRM635 Topic 3 Discussion 2, Recruiting and Organization Culture

Perhaps the most important consideration for recruitment and selecting is ensuring that a candidate fits with the culture of the organization. Do you agree or disagree? Is this a valid basis for hiring a candidate?

HRM 635 Topic 4 Discussion 1, HR Discussion

Prior to developing your training exercise, you must analyze your organization to identify room for potential growth. What obstacles or barriers did you come across that made this difficult? How did you determine where growth was ……?

HRM635 Topic 4 Discussion 2, Formal and Informal Orientation Processes in My Organization

What formal and informal orientation processes exist in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar? What would you add to the current orientation process?

HRM 635 Topic 5 Discussion 1, Engaging Environment

What experience have you had with organizations supporting an engaging environment? What examples have you seen or heard that have helped foster a culture where employees are engaged in their jobs? Share one strategy or example that you believe can foster an engaging environment in the workplace.

HRM635 Topic 5 Discussion 2, Supporting Employee Development

Often times, employees come to a point when they are ready to advance their position or develop their skills further. How can an organization support individuals seeking to relocate laterally within their organization or advance their careers by moving into a position of higher authority within their organization?

HRM 635 Topic 6 Discussion 1, Appraisals Process to Identify Potential Improvements

The appraisal process is one step involved in identifying potential improvements on individual performances. What is the most difficult part in determining the dimensions to be appraised? What is most helpful on a job analysis for designing an appraisal tool?

HRM635 Topic 6 Discussion 2, Performance Management System

How does a performance management system connect with training and development and compensation strategies? What could be ……in your organization to better utilize the information received from this system?

HRM 635 Topic 7 Discussion 1, Compensation in the Workplace

What is the effect of a compensation package (benefits, salary, nonfinancial) on employee motivation and satisfaction? Provide example.

HRM635 Topic 7 Discussion 2, Legally Required Benefits

What are legally ….. benefits and why are they ….by law? Can any of these benefits be …..? Provide an example. Provide one additional benefit that …… into a legally required benefit.

HRM 635 Topic 8 Discussion 1, HRM Discussion

How could Christian perspectives prevent an employee from performing their required duties? As an HR representative, what legal and ethical responsibilities do you have to ensure all employees views and beliefs are being considered?

HRM635 Topic 8 Discussion 2, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) are not required in today’s evolved organizational climate. EEO and AA enforce quotas on organizations that must be met during the hiring process, thus requiring them to hire unqualified people. Evaluate this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Explainhrm 635 discussion question