HRM 635 Week 2 Assignment, Acquiring Employees


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HRM 635 Week 2 Assignment: The Business Manager shall be expected to facilitate profitability in the firm. The actions of this individual should at all times, resonate with the company goals. This manager shall ensure both short and long-term successes. To facilitate sustainable development, and keep the company ahead of its rivals (Targett, 2013). Besides business skills, the manager shall be …… to portray leadership skills, to provide necessary guidance to the subordinates. The leadership of a core element of business operations, as it determines how far the company gets, and how soon.

With proper leadership knowledge, the manager shall be in a suitable position to integrate the company’s culture into business operations, to achieve its vision. To oversee the work of other employees, the Business Manager shall require experience. With such a position, the company is in no position to hire people whom it is not sure can deliver as expected. The manager will also set future goals, and propel the workforce towards achieving these aims…….

hrm 635 week 2 assignment