ENGL 216 Week 3 Homework, Writing Simple Instructions Assignment # 9


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ENGL 216 Week 3 Homework: Submit Assignment #9 on page 238: Writing Simple Instructions. Use the ABC format described in the text to complete this assignment. This should be written in correct memo format and there must be at least 12 steps involved. Use Model 8-2 on page 241 as an example.

Choose a simple office procedure of 20 or fewer steps (e.g., changing a printer cartridge, filling a mechanical pencil, adding dry ink to a copy machine, adding paper to a laser printer). Then write a simple set of instructions for this process in the form of a memo report. Your readers are assistants at the many offices of a large national firm. They are new employees who have no background or experience in office work and no education beyond high school. You are responsible for their training.engl 216 week 3 homework