ENGL 216 Week 2 Course Project, Launch & Topic Proposal (Two Papers)


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ENGL 216 Week 2 Course Project: This week, you will choose a technological or business topic that you would like to investigate for your Course Project. It could be … to your current job, future career, or your Senior Project. However, the topic must be one that fits the parameters of a recommendation report or proposal and addresses a business audience, such as a company executive or decision maker. Make sure to select a topic that will interest you throughout the course. Topic suggestions are … in Doc Sharing. If there is a topic you’d like to use that is not on the list, please contact your instructor for approval.

Unless you are using a real-world issue from your own workplace to develop for this project, you will need to create a few details to help frame the direction for your project. To this end, your topic proposal should include the following.

ENGL 216 Week 2 Course Project Title: What is your preliminary title for the report?

Audience: Who will be reading your report or proposal? Is this solicited or unsolicited? In other words, have you been asked to investigate this topic or are you making a suggestion to someone who has not directly asked for it? Are there secondary audiences for the report?

Purpose: What is the overall goal of the report or proposal? What is your objective?

Thesis statement: State the main points you intend to use to develop your argument. Be sure to include at least three main points.

(TWO DIFFERENT PROPOSALS)engl 216 week 2 course project