ENGL 216 Course Project Complete from Week 1 to 8


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ENGL 216 Course Project Week 1 : Final Formal Report Begins in Week 2

ENGL216 Course Project Week 2Launch and Topic Proposal

ENGL 216 Course Project Week 3Annotated References List

ENGL216 Week 4 Course ProjectOutline, in-text citations, References page

ENGL 216 Week 5 Course ProjectFormal Report First Draft

ENGL-216 Week 6 Course ProjectCover Letter, Executive Summary, and Peer Review

ENGL 216 Week 7 Course ProjectFinal Formal Report

ENGL-216 Week 7 Course ProjectMultimedia Technical Briefing (Presentation)

ENGL 216 Week 7 Course ProjectPeer Review Comment Form

ENGL 216 Week 8 All Weeks Final Exam WrapUp (Con-Glom Inc. Memo)engl 216 course project