ENGL 216 Week 3 Course Project, Annotated References List (Two Sets)


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ENGL 216 Week 3 Course Project: This week, you will create an annotated References page, including six sources for your report. Include a minimum of three traditional sources (books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and databases, such as EBSCOhost). Electronic sources (credible websites, etc.) are acceptable for the remainder. Your Annotated References list should include the following.

Correct APA format: All six references must … listed in correct APA format. Make sure to view the APA Guide for Citing Sources tutorial located at the bottom of the Syllabus. There are also several links to APA citation sites provided in the Webliography.

Credible sources: All references, whether they are traditional or electronic, should … from credible sources written by identifiable experts or professionals in the field.

Well-written annotations: Three of the six references must … annotated in a meaningful manner. In other words, provide a short (100-word) description of the article and indicate how it applies to your topic. The annotations must … written in your own words. Note that all references included in your final report must … cited in-text within the report.

(TWO DIFFERENT SETS)engl 216 week 3 course project