ELM 510 Week 6 Assignment, Technology In Classroom


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ELM 510 Week 6 Assignment, Technology In Classroom

Knowledge about technology is very crucial for classroom management. The instructor must be able to use various forms of technology. This can help them manage their classroom efficiently.

Part 1: Graphic Organizer

For this assignment, research five different forms of technology. They should be used in the classroom to support learning during instruction and home/school connections. Create a graphic organizer to include:

  • The five forms of technology
  • A description of the proper use of each form of technology
  • How students can interact, locally or globally, using this form of technology
  • How each form of technology can be implement into instruction? To support students in learning.
Part 2: Reflection

In addition to the graphic organizer, in 250-500 words, summarize, reflect, and include a rationale for the inclusion of technology in classrooms. Additionally, address how technology supports learning for all students in the classroom and at home. Explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice. ELM 510 week 6