ELM 510 Week 1 Assignment, Student Engagement Strategies


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ELM 510 Week 1 Assignment, Student Engagement Strategies (Two Papers)

Part 1: Effective Engagement Strategies Toolkit
Research three videos that successfully demonstrate the main aspects. Those aspects are engagement, motivation, and classroom management strategies. The strategies that would be useful for the grade level you want to teach. With this information, complete the “Effective Engagement Strategies Toolkit” template.
The template will cover the following.

  • Name and location of the video.
  • Describe the engagement strategy. How this strategy demonstrates respect for the cultural and diverse needs of students.
  • Procedures and expectations of strategy.
  • How each strategy is described, implemented, and evaluated in the classroom?
  • Reference.

Part 2: Effective Engagement Reflection
In 250 – 500 words, summarize and reflect on the following.

  • How to know that your students are engaged in the instructions?
  • How can you ensure all members of the group know each member’s expectations? After you have explained the role of each student at the beginning of a group activity.
  • How would you monitor individual students? Those in small group settings.
  • How would you describe a learning environment? The one that fosters engagement and motivates students?