ELM 510 Week 2 Assignment, Group Learning Environments Part 1 and 2


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ELM 510 Week 2 Assignment, Group Learning Environments (Two Papers)

Students learn in a variety of settings and environments. Group learning creates an environment of engagement and motivation. It gives students a chance to learn from each other. It also provides a cooperative learning setting.

Part 1: Classroom Design

Select a digital tool or other appropriate strategies to create and design your own classroom. Your design should focus on group and cooperative learning in the classroom environment and include:

  • The layout of the classroom.
  • Where the desks/tables will be placed to facilitate group learning.
  • Where the technology will be located so students with diverse needs have equitable access.

Part 2: Group Learning Reflection

In 500-750 words, identify effective engagement and motivation strategies. The strategies that promote student learning. Describe how you will incorporate group learning techniques into your future teaching practices. Explain how these techniques will help students understand the classroom expectations and procedures. How to work productively.

In your reflection address:

  • Grade level, content area, and rationale as to why your classroom design is conducive to group learning.
  • Description of the classroom setting and focus of the room.
  • Description of the strategies to foster organization.
  • In what way do group learning activities help students work productively and promote students’ growth and development.
  • How to communicate effectively with students with diverse needs, including language barriers and cultural differences.
  • How you will use these engagement strategies in your future professional practice.