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COUN 6723 Week 9 Quiz

  1. Cultural resilience refers to:
  2. When preparing to work with transgender and gender nonconforming clients, practitioners
  3. Clients may experience time differently than clinicians due to:
  4. Racial color blindness/color-blind racial attitudes refer to:
  5. Working with individuals from different cultures requires that the counselor:
  6. What is dynamic sizing?
  7. In order to diagnose clients from a different culture:
  8. Cultural genograms chart culture-specific information such as:
  9. Connie tells each of her clients that the best way she can help them is to attempt to look at the world from the client’s point of view. This counselor is taking the perspective.
  10. Transgender and gender nonconforming clients may change their name, pronouns, and appearance. This is called:
  11. Complete the sentence: Multicultural competence is a way of . Multicultural orientation is a way of .
  12. was a prime factor in the history of multicultural counseling.
  13. In European-American culture, a firm handshake is often represented whereas in American Indian and Alaskan Native culture, a firm handshake might represent.
  14. What percent of client’s experience microaggressions from their counselor?
  15. A multicultural counselor’s diagnosis:
  16. Multicultural Orientation consists of two major domains:
  17. A high standard of counseling practice when working with diverse populations involves all of the following EXCEPT:
  18. Multicultural Orientation model can help counselors:
  19. Research shows clients typically want a counselor who:
  20. Annie, the client who worked with Dr. Agnes Kwong, shared that she felt in the counseling session with Dr. Kwong.