COUN-6723-38 Week 9 Quiz with Answers (Fall 2021)


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COUN-6723-38 Week 9 Quiz

  1. The multicultural assessment examines contextual areas through four domains:
  2. Clients may experience time differently than clinicians due to:
  3. Working with individuals from different cultures requires that the counselor:
  4. According to Comas-Diaz (2012), immigration is an example of a cultural journey. Practitioners working with immigrants need to explore:
  5. What percent of client’s experience microaggressions from their counselor?
  6. What is dynamic sizing?
  7. When preparing to work with transgender and gender nonconforming clients, practitioners
  8. Do counselors typically rate their own multicultural competency higher or lower than client’s rate the counselor’s multicultural competency?
  9. A culturally competent counselor should broach the topic of culture
  10. Annie, the client who worked with Dr. Agnes Kwong, shared that she felt in the counseling session with Dr. Kwong.
  11. Transgender and gender nonconforming clients may change their name, pronouns, and appearance. This is called:
  12. In European-American culture, a firm handshake often represents whereas in American Indian and Alaskan Native culture, a firm handshake might represent .
  13. Acculturation refers to:
  14. has historically been discouraged, yet can be very helpful to build trust and deepen the therapeutic relationship to empower clients.
  15. Multicultural counselors use the following modalities:
  16. Racial color blindness/color blind racial attitudes refers to:
  17. A multicultural counselor’s diagnosis:
  18. Multicultural Orientation consists of two major domains:
  19. Research shows clients typically want a counselor who: Selected Has similar values, attitudes, beliefs, and
  20. What is the importance of broaching?