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CGD 218 Week 5

CGD 218 Week 5 Assignment, Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message

Visual communication is done through sight and it is very important for communication. While having a conversation with someone it is going to consist of facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, signals, charts, posters, as well as other things. There are many advantages to these visuals because they will trigger a deeper thinking of the coverage that is going to be bought. This is a better way to learn for some people because while I can sit here and just say words they sometimes don’t mean anything to someone unless they are put down on paper and correctly ……………..Continued (07 Pages with References)

CGD 218 Week 5 Discussion 1, Comic Page Content Analysis

Make a content analysis of the comics page of your local newspaper. Do the following: Count the number of frames, count the number of words spoken by male and female (and other) characters, count the number of times you see male and female figures, and classify the strips in some manner while listing the topics discussed. What do the comics reflect about American culture? Are groups under represent? Are some groups not represent?  

CGD218 Week 5 Discussion 2, Reflecting on Visual Literacy in Business
Review the concepts we’ve covered in the past few weeks of this course, and list five take-away’s. Explain why the five take-away’s are relevant to you. Then, describe at least one concept that is either still unclear to you, or one you’d like to explore further.
CGD218 Week 5 Discussion 2, Restriction on Image Use

Explain the legal and ethical principles you need to follow for all visual image use. What do you need to adhere to when using images in the workplace? What is the impact of computer technologies on legal image use? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

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