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CGD 218 Week 3

CGD 218 Week 3 Assignment, Using Photographs from the Web

Visual communication is done through sight. This could consist of things like facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, signals, maps, charts, posters, as well as other things. Visual communication also includes things like graphic designs, illustrations, animation, books, print, magazines, and other media based interactions. Visual-communication of information is having a growing effect on our life because of the wide accessibility of it based on our easy access to mobile devices and access to the internet. Visual communication is a message where the ideas and information can be delivered or viewed through the use of a graphic aid.

CGD 218 Week 3 Discussion 1, Good design

What are the factors that determine whether or not a print design can be classified as “good design?” 

CGD218 Week 3 Discussion 1, Photography and Composition

When considering magazines like National Geographic, or social media like Pinterest, it becomes evident that photography plays an instrumental role in visual communication. However, creating an impactful photograph is not always easy.
Your textbook explains the importance of design and composition in successful photography. For this discussion, locate a photograph (either on the Web or in print) that strategically uses at least three elements of design (e.g., balance, color, asymmetry, etc.). Then, paste a link to the photograph (or, if it is in print, upload a scanned copy to the discussion forum or the web), and explain which elements are utilized, and how they affect the overall impact and message of the photograph.
CGD218 Week 3 Discussion 2, Motion Pictures

Like photographs, motion pictures are a significant medium for visual communication.
Watch at least three of the documentary trailers, below:
Documentary Trailers

Based on the trailer, what do you think the intended message of the documentary is? What are motion pictures able to do that photos and still images cannot, and how does that impact the message being communicated? Can you think of any ethical concerns or controversial issues related to the use of motion pictures as a communication medium? Explain.

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