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CGD 218 Week 4 Assignment, Final Project – Step Three (Two Versions)

Visual communication is done through sight and it is very important for communication. While having a conversation with someone it is going to consist of facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, signals, charts, posters, as well as other things. My communication with someone is going to consist of many of these things as well as a couple visuals that I have created for the people that I am working with in the insurance industry. My visuals have information that will have an impact on the type of coverage that I am going to present as well as a possible impact on the person that I am presenting them to in an emotional and mental way…………Continued (06 Pages with References)

CGD 218 Week 4 Discussion 1, Brand Identity

For this discussion, select a company and create a mood board that visually conveys its brand identity. Your mood board should include images of at least four of the elements. e.g., logo, color palettes, product packaging, slogans or taglines) described in the quote above.
Your mood board can be created through Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Glogster  (, or Adobe Photoshop (converted to PDF). Once it is ……, post it to the discussion forum as an attached file or a link. Describe the elements you included in your mood board, and explain how each one contributes to the overall brand identity for the company you’ve selected.

CGD218 Week 4 Discussion 2, Advertising

The textbook explains that, although counterintuitive, advertising should not focus on the product or service being sold. But should rather focus on the needs and desires of its target market. It quotes Michael Newman (2003) stating:
“Don’t tell me about your manure, tell me about my flowers”
View the advertisements, below. Then, select three and explain if and how you see the above concept in action. Describe what product or service each of the three ads is trying to sell (e.g., manure). Then, explain what you think each ad is actually selling (e.g., a beautiful flower garden). Finally, describe whether you can think of any ethical concerns related to this approach of communication.

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