BUS 409 Week 2 Quiz (45 out of 45 points)


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BUS 409 Week 2 Quiz – Question and Answers

  1. Antidiscrimination laws have contributed to which of the following?
  2. When considering cost-of-living differences between locations, which type of costs stand out?
  3. Unions seek to secure higher hourly pay rates for workers through the early 1980s. Union members earned how much more than their nonunion counterparts?
  4. Until recently, ACME Manufacturing granted every employee one week of paid vacation each year. The company switched its policy, offering substantially more weeks of paid vacation to employees with high seniority (more than 5 years, in this case). The average seniority of female employees at ACME is 2.5 years and 7.75 years for male employees. Which form of discrimination is this policy at risk of creating?
  5. Which of the following is typically the case for companies that operate in product markets where there is relatively little competition from other companies?
  6. Jennifer works as a clerk in a company. The essential function of her job is typing on an If she develops crippling arthritis that interferes with her ability to type, which act requires her employer to make reasonable accommodations, such as providing a voice-recognition input device?
  7. In San Francisco, the typical pay in the installation, maintenance, and repair occupation exceeded the national average by 17 In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the rate was 9 percent less than the national average. What do these statistics represent?
  8. An employee has a regular hourly rate equal to $12. According to FLSA, how much should her/his employer pay this employee for each additional hour worked beyond the regular 40 hours within a period of 7 consecutive days?
  9. As a result of this law enacted by Congress, employers must now show that employment practices that create disparate impact are a business This law also made it legal for U.S. citizens working abroad for U.S. companies to file suit.
  10. John and Mark hold equivalent secretarial jobs, but John, who makes 20 percent more than Mark, is employed by a manufacturing firm while Mark is employed by a department store. Based on this information, which of the following best explains this pay differential?
  11. A common, but a mistaken assumption, is that high demand for workers applies only to which kind of jobs?
  12. Based upon the FLSA child labor provisions, what is the minimum age that a child must be in order to be legally employed?
  13. An employee has a regular hourly rate equal to $10 and works 45 hours within a period of 7 consecutive days. What is the total amount the employer should pay this employee for 45 work hours?
  14. Construction contractors, working on government contracts valued at more than $2,000, must pay their laborers and mechanics what type of local area-based wage to be in compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931?
  15. This act strengthened the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by requiring employers to show that pay disparities are job-related rather than sex-based. This act also prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who share their salary information.