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UNV 103 Week 7 Assignment, Writing Self-Assessment Reflection

…….The writing I have done in the past compared to the writing I will do throughout my program of study is no comparison.  I know that writing assignments given at GCU will truly test my abilities as a writer until I reach my full potential.  Therefore, my strategy will be to concentrate with a clear mind-set, while developing a passion for the writing assignment……..continued

UNV 103 Week 7 Topic 7 Extended Journal, Planning for Success

….My academic progress since high school has slowed over the years.  I left high school and began trade school in computer science at Barnes Business School.  At that time, computers were becoming the new technology and I was wanted a profession that, at the time, I believed it would place me on the cutting edge of technology while earning a substantial salary.  I did not complete the computer courses because my goal as I became an adult was to earn a salary large enough to pay my own debts. I began working as a paralegal in a law office in Denver, Colorado. My father instilled in my mind, “If someone will pay you to help them make money, then how much more can you make for yourself?” ……….

UNV 103 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1 and 2unv 103 week 7