UNV 103 Week 1 Assignment, Journal Entry, Discussion – Complete


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UNV 103 Topic 1 Assignment, Navigating Loud Cloud and Time Management

I believe that I used my time to the best of my abilities, I made sure that I still had a full active day but also allowed myself plenty time to study and prepare for my class work and class quizzes.  What I realized is that some things did not go well for me when I waited later in the day to begin my assignment. I benefited and was more alert when I began early in the day versus night.  The earlier I start to study the more energy I seem to have, and when I wait until night and start my work I find myself getting tired and not really excited to have to study……….

UNV 103 Topic 1 Journal Entry, Motivation

Overall, I now understand that one of the biggest issues that students face is lack of motivation that sets in when tasks get more challenging. It’s an issue for which I need to prepare myself. Luckily, GCU recognizes this problem and does what it can to help students stay motivated……….

UNV 103 Topic 1 Discussion Question 1

GCU provides many resources to ensure your academic success. This includes the tutorials that are located in both your syllabus and in the Course Materials area of LoudCloud. Tutorials can be very helpful in learning new skills. After viewing the required tutorials for this Topic, which do you think is the most valuable and in what ways will you apply it to your academic career?

UNV 103 Topic 1 Discussion Question 2

After reading Chapter 1 in your ebook as well as other readings in Topic 1, discuss what sparked your interest most. Please provide specific examples from the readings. How will you implement these in your college career?