UNV 103 Week 3 Assignment, Journal Entry, Discussion – Complete


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UNV 103 Week 3 Assignment,  Student Academic Skills Assessment and Reflection

………..what I learned and found new about my academic skills is to explore and apply study strategies concentrating in a quite study environment. While applying note taking skills, including but not limited to text-book reading and how important time management to academic skills.  I truly believe, if I apply these Technics to my daily life, it will lead to a successful academic accomplishment……

UNV 103 Topic 3 Journal Entry,  Leadership and Service

My program of Study is Bachelor of Science in Counseling with Emphasis in Addition Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse.  Therefore, it is imperative that as a student I must prepare myself mentally, physically and emotionally in order to counsel and assist individuals with dependencies.  By doing this it is my desire that not only the individual………….continued

UNV 103 Topic 3 Discussion Question 1 and 2unv 103 week 3