SPD 501 Discussion Questions with Answers Week 1 to 3


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SPD 501 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Explain the purpose of the following components found within your course: Forums, Announcements, Calendar, and the Student Success Center. Finally, describe how will you utilize these components to ensure your success in your courses?

Week 1 Discussion Question 2

Why do you think collaboration is so highly encouraged in education? Also, describe how do you plan to build community within your classroom using collaboration?

SPD 501 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

What are the important characteristics of scholarly sources? Why are scholarly sources more appropriate for academic research than other sources such as blogs or newspaper articles?

Week 2 Discussion Question 2

What is Title IX and how does it affect you as a student? How will the guidelines described in Title IX affect your future practice as an educator?

SPD 501 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

Think about how the types of situations mentioned in the Policy Violations examples from your readings, might arise during your academic career. How does academic dishonesty undermine the purpose of graduate school?

Week 3 Discussion Question 2

Identify a teaching professional or a related service provider in the area of special education you may know. Talk about his or her experience in special education and about what it is like to work in the special education field. Compare your expectations of a career in special education with the experiences of the professional/related service provider. Have your expectations or interests changed? If so, how?