SPD 501 Discussion Question with Answers Week 4 to 6


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SPD 501 Week 4 Discussion Question 1

What role does the paraeducator play in the child’s life? Illustrate how you, as a classroom teacher, will collaborate with a paraeducator to offer support for students with special needs.

Week 4 Discussion Question 2

After reading the GCU Doctrinal Statement and Christian Identity and Heritage, how do you think GCU’s Christian heritage makes the GCU academic experience different then at a non-faith-based university? Finally, describe what value will this difference add to your educational experience?

SPD 501 Week 5 Discussion Question 1

In “Work or Love? A Christian Evaluation of John Dewey’s Views on the Purpose of Schooling,” Cimpean states:

Dewey rejects the Christian purpose for schooling, which is to serve and love God. When evaluated from a Christian perspective, Dewey’s progressivism falls short due to its refusal to promote the Christian ideal of serving and loving God. Dewey’s purpose for schooling is to promote a democratic state.

Week 5 Discussion Question 2

What is the role of parents/guardians as advocates for their children? Also, state that as a special education advocate, what are some ways you can create partnerships to teach parents how to become advocates for their children?

SPD 501 Week 6 Discussion Question 1

Create a timeline for completing your program that includes taking your content and pedagogy exams. Also, state that where do you expect to complete your field experience and student teaching requirements?

Week 6 Discussion Question 2

How do you feel about taking classes online? What aspects of distance learning do you like? What aspects of distance learning do you find difficult or challenging?